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My lovely sister Asia wrote to me in 2004 saying that I do not seem to be changing at all! She added that it must be the Australian air! Well, the truth is she had only seen the 2004 photos and the photos from around the time of Julia's birth, 4 years earlier. However, she had not seen those pictures from the time between, when I started aging rapidly, all thanks to my cooking.


Julia and I on my graduation day, August 2002.
I feel old already, but I am going to get even older.

No amount of make-up, pink color or even a smile
is going to help me.
I feel awful. I feel so old. 2003.

Naked truth. My face without make-up.
I feel so tired. 2003.

Even after a shower, I feel tired. 2003.

I am too proud to show any worse old photos. :)

Gosia's 40th birthday, August 2003. I am 2 weeks raw.

Further down the raw track. 2003.

My bare face in August 2004.

Happy, energetic me in February 2004.

In 2009, at 46.

My bare face in 2009.

Gosia in 2010, at 46.
with my thinking face on :)

At a Tahitian dance workshop:

Juicy fruit makes me feel alive:

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